Monday, March 14, 2011

365 Update

I never thought I would add "amateur photographer" to my personal description before, but that seems to be where things are heading lately.  I don't think what I do could even be considered amateur.  Is there such a thing as an amateur's amateur?  Novice - maybe that's where I'm at.  But in light of this Year In Photos project I've come to realize just how much I like taking pictures.  Not the "everybody pose in front of the fireplace" photos, but the shine of the sink in the watery early-morning light of the kitchen photo and the contrast of the hard line of the table with the soft billow of the curtain photo.  I have long admired these kinds of photos on other blogs/Flicker accounts, but never thought it would be territory that I would be able to explore.  It's tricky, for one thing.  For the first time I really sat down and read through the manual and learned what my little camera is capable of (so much more than I thought).  Someday I hope to graduate up to a more sophisticated baby, but for now I'm really enjoying the learning process.  I hope to see real progress by the end of the year - crummy early photos where the light was all wrong and the focus was out of whack gradually turning into photos with good lighting, interesting composition and the glad serendipity that seems present in so many of those beautiful blogs.  We're quickly approaching photograph 100 which seems amazing to me.  I hope you stop by and take a peek!

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Lynda said...

I'm stopping by and looking at each and every photo and keeping tabs on you :)
Enjoying every shot!