Thursday, January 13, 2011

Handmade Love #2, 3 & 4

Crocheted hat for me from Mom, knitted socks for Aidan from Mom and a many-chained cowl (an original creation no less) from Sarah.  We have so much handmade goodness in this house it's practically obscene.  Somewhere there are some freezing cold sheep and alpacas wondering where their wool went - apparently it all came here!  The hat is much more purple in real life (can't figure that out about this camera - why won't it register the color purple?  Alice Walker is rolling over as we speak.) and so are the highlights on the socks.  But so cute, right?  Both boys were lucky sock recipients but Owen didn't take his off for three days so they are in the laundry - you know, so we don't all die of toxic levels of stinky feet vapor.  On a less smelly level, isn't the cowl gorgeous?  Sarah is much too clever for her own good.  If she ever finishes writing up the pattern she's going to have it for sale at Happy Knits.  Wow - a designer in the family!  I'll keep you posted on that for sure!