Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first

New Year's Eve at the Schnitz to see Pink Martini.  Those guys are so much fun - being at one of their concerts is like being in someone's living room.  They're very comfortable and personable and they obviously love our little city.  This was the first time we'd actually gone somewhere for New Years and since we went to the early showing we were home in time to bang on pots with wooden spoons and light off a few fireworks in the freezing darkness.  Maybe it would have been fun to be at the later concert where they dropped balloons and confetti (Mom and Phil were there!) but for us it was just right.

New to the blog this year will be a link in the sidebar to a Year in Pictures 2011.  Yes, I've decided to join the ranks of folks who commit to taking a photo a day for a year.  I think it'll be a good thing.  A daily affirmation in the continuing effort to remind myself of the simple moments that pepper our daily lives.  Hope you'll follow along!  Happy January!


Lynda said...

A year in pictures - what a great idea! I love your first pic and I can see a skein of yarn there that I would pinch if I could get my hands on it :)

katielizabeth said...

May the new year bring so much joy and inspiration, that 12 pictures a day could not possibly describe it!