Monday, November 22, 2010

The view from here

I love Owen's photographs.  He concentrates on the important things.  Feet, for instance.  Where would we be without 'em?  That's JJ bent over something at the dinner table and me in my favorite apron, probably making pizza!

Yesterday was such a cozy productive day.  Don't you just love days like that?  I spent most of the day either at my sewing table (shh - it's a secret) or dealing with the loads of laundry we produce.  I haven't spent a day just sewing in so long, but it felt really good.  I learned a whole bunch of new things (like how to make double-sided bias tape) and squeezed in an old black and white Charlie Chan movie for the hand-sewing portion (those movies are so silly but so much fun).  JJ was pleased to have fixed the leaky shower and the rusted fixtures clogging up the bathroom sink, not to mention he changed the oil in both cars (You rock, dear!).  And the boys played nicely together nearly all day - it's like the planets were aligned or something!  Cross your fingers the trend continues as we begin the descent into the holiday madness.  We got our groceries this morning, the menu is all planned out and there are fresh rice krispy treats waiting to be dug into.  I'd say this is going to be a great week.  Happy Monday!

PS - Thanks for all the elephant love!  Katie - I'll get to work on a woozle just as soon as I can!


Oiyi said...

Don't you love kid's point of view? Feet! Awesome!

katielizabeth said...

I think you must have gotten ALL of my luck, and that is why you have so much. Yesterday was so icky that it ended with me in a pile of tears in bed. All the little bads just weighed so damn much yesterday. Today is not shaping up much better, so happily, your day must be good! That is something, I guess:)