Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nearly done now!

I came home from the beach to find my quilt was ready!  Laurie, my quilter, is AMAZING.  The more I looked at the various bright squares the more I thought they looked like those high res photos of galaxies and space phenomena you see on calendars or the Discovery Channel, so the star/flame pattern suits the quilt perfectly.  I realized that this is the second quilt I've made to have a bright yellow back to it - Owen's quilt has a yellow satin back.  JJ chose the yellow (this is his quilt) and I think he was absolutely right.  It shows off the variegated thread perfectly.  I love how the thread changes color and highlights the colors in the squares beneath - a special little extra in an already fun-to-look-at quilt - who knew it could get better??  Now comes the task of binding the thing.  It's a relatively small quilt - just big enough for Daddy and two boys to cuddle beneath - but since one side of the binding has to be hand sewn it will probably take me the rest of the year to finish unless I get a real bee in my bonnet.  But for now I'm just pleased as punch to have it back and looking so beautiful!


Lynda said...

Fabulous, fabulous job! The yellow in particular pops so well. The points are beautifully done. I can't stop my eyes wandering all over the quilt looking at all the interesting bits. The quilting pattern is superb as is the choice of thread.

Dana said...

Absolutely gorgeous!