Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spin cycle

Yes, I have a washer and dryer.  I've had a pair my whole adult life, even our first apartment had them, but no standard (and really old, I might add) washer/dryer would be able to handle our enormous mattress top which fell prey to an unfortunate pee incident (what?  It wasn't me, I swear) yesterday morning.  So off I went to the King City Coin Laundromat armed with quarters, lap top, books, knitting and anything else I could think of to get me through two hours of wash-spin-dry.  Wow - the washers are a lot more expensive than when I was a kid taking my comforter on the bus to the laundromat on Belmont.  Come to think of it I haven't used a pay washer since college and even those were only fifty cents a load (could it really have been that cheap?).  Well, it was a nice peaceful place to be, let me tell you.  I put my feet up, opened the laptop and settled in.  The only snafu was I didn't bring quite enough quarters - the washer was $3.25 alone and the dryers were twenty-five cents for 8 minutes - so it was still a tad damp when we got it all set up at home.  I just pretended like I was camping - everything always seems a little damp when you camp in Oregon anyway.  So I had a good time - you know you're hard up for alone time when a trip the laundromat is met with happy anticipation - will I still be getting a mattress pad for our bed?  Absolutely.


J.J. said...

Yes, it was not fun to wake up to a damp bed. Pulling the comforter cover back and seeing that darker shade of blue sheet around Owen's mid-section gave me more determination than ever to get into the shower. The next time Owen gets any shots he's wearing pullups for a couple of nights.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Those are new York City prices!