Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quote wall

This is our Quote Wall.  Does anyone else do this?  It started out with a single quote that I scribbled on a blank kitchen wall one day years ago and became a permanent fixture (and a popular, albeit odd, conversation starter).  All who visit are welcome to add their two cents.  Everyone from Confucius to Pee Wee Herman is represented.  I recently added the ABCs and numbers from 1 to 20 for the little people to examine.  I'm thinking of taking the idea a step further and painting a wall or door with chalkboard paint for doodling, writing practice, etc.  The kids have a chalkboard, but - as I know all too well - there is something slightly thrilling about marking up the walls.

"Quote me as being misquoted." - Groucho Marx 


Lynda said...

I have journals of quotes and quotes all around the house, on the fridge, in picture frames etc and Shan has her bedroom walls smothered in quotes but not actually written straight on the walls. How quirky, I love your 'quote wall'

Yarny Days said...

What a brilliant idea!! We are so doing this at some point.