Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pillows part two

Come on down to Crazy Erin's Throw Pillow Extravaganza!  Thanks for the pillow love on yesterday's post.  I've clearly gone round the bend for these things.  I made the new ones in less than an hour last night (again, at eleven o'clock 'cause I had a knitting date with Star Trek at ten - yes, I am that kind of dork).  The big one was my oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-this-turned-out-so-well pillow.  It was pieced from the front of the cardigan and has a working zipper on one side.  I like how the pieced side looks too - kind of a parallel stripey look.  The baby pillow came from a tiny quilt block was not going to have a home otherwise - mini pillow?  Why not?  I am so absurdly excited by this pillow mania - and my sewing machine is getting more of a workout than it's seen in months.  I can only say I see more of the same in my immediate future.  What with all the writing, knitting (yes, there's been a ton of that too!) and sewing going on I think I should lobby to have another few hours added to the day - you'll sign the petition won't you?

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Lynda said...

They all come together so well. Love the zipper look.