Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green and growing

One bright spot in the grayness that is May in Oregon: honeysuckle!  I planted it a few years ago and it is loving the old fence on the west side of the backyard.  Some day I hope it covers the whole thing.  And since we've had such a rainy spring...

...the lemon balm is growing as high as a preschooler's eye.  It may not be much more than a weed, but have you ever seen such a lush and beautifully green weed?  It can take over the ledge in the side yard for all I care - eye of the beholder, and all that.  Owen and Auntie have even made tea with it.  So it's pretty and science project worthy.  That makes it a keeper in my book.  Easy gardening 101. 

1 comment:

Kate said...

I love it! Enough with these perfectly manicured yards and gardens that object to even the thought of a weed, that's just too rigid! And just look at how pretty it is :)