Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sew cute

I think she looks like a Josephine, what do you think?  This little elephant will go with the Maile sweater to the baby girl due in September.  It's a lot of fun to dig through my stash for girlie yarn and fabric.  I had to paw through my friend Ann's ribbon stash (boy stuff rarely calls for ribbon!) to make the loops for Miss Josephine's ears.  She was made from the Loopy Elephant pattern by Heidi Boyd (found in the excellent and aforementioned latest Stitch magazine).  Her body and trunk are flannel, ears minky, and since I want this to be loved a whole lot by little hands, her eyes are just dotted on with fabric marker.  For some reason I always end up making elephants...

Cajun baked home fries with dinner last night - how can something so good be so easy?  And if you're having trouble getting those extra servings of vegetable in each day, why not try some zucchini-cheddar bread? 


Lynda said...

Love the elephant and it's so tactile for a little one. Elephants are all the rage here with the Melbourne Zoo's first baby elephant being born.
When you come visit you are head chef :))

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Ok, I'm up for the challenge. It'll be just like I was back in the dorm kitchen cooking french toast for twenty people at a time!