Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For my very own special day:

Daffodils blooming in the front yard.

Orangey tulips on the front sideboard.

A little reminder of days past.

And the loveliest bit of blue this side of my boys' eyes.
It's going to be a great day, I can tell!


Oiyi said...

Happy Birthday!

Dana said...

Ah, memories! I think you were just a bit older than Owen in that shot -

Lynda said...

Sending you birthday wishes for the best day ever. I hope it brings you all the things that make you happy.
Happy, happy Birthday to you!

littlebirdbigcity said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun today!

katielizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you were a cu-tie, when you were liiiiitle, and today you are too!

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Well, you certainly seem poised to have a happy birthday! I hope it delivers on the early promise of specialness.