Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random bits

Spring break - why do you torment me so? This kid of mine has so much... energy! He needs preschool! Thank goodness for backyards is all I can say.

The sideboard in the dining area is still laboring under its bouquets of daffodils and tulips - so cheery to see in the morning as we eat our breakfasts.

Can I just say there is laundry swishing around in the washing machine, the dishes in the dishwasher have been put away, the toys in the family room are all picked up and the floor is vacuumed? Thank you, thank you, no, no, you're too kind. Maybe I'll clean the bathroom for an encore.

Sarah? If you're reading this - IT'S DONE! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hurry up and have a birthday already, will you? And I hope we'll be getting a complete run down of your current recording session (What Hearts y'all).

- there must be something else around here that I should be doing. Enjoy your Tuesday, people; get in tune with your own randomness.

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