Friday, March 5, 2010

Late breaking news

Mother's Day came early this year! I guess you don't really need an excuse to give your mother a present though, do you? Every day is Mother's Day!

The hat turned out just right. Mom didn't want it blocked, just liked it as is, so it's a little softer and a little less shaped than it would be if I'd sprinkled water on it and blocked it around a plate the way they tell you to do. But, heck, it's angora, and what's better than that?? Blocking-schmocking. The diamond pattern is so pretty and the star pattern, too, and I am just so freakin' pleased with how it all turned out. Vive la knitting!


Lynda said...

Oh it is stunning. It looks awesome on your mum. The colour suits so well too. I wouldn't have blocked it either. Well done you clever lady.

Dana said...

And every day IS Mother's Day - my thoughts exactly - thanks again!!!

katielizabeth said...

Very, very pretty. She looks lovely!