Monday, February 22, 2010

Some weekend

Spending a night away with an excellent friend is the best way to recharge the old batteries. That the time was spent in yarn shops, bakeries, sun filled patios, a warm kitchen and a comfy living room only adds to the memories I gird myself with as I face Monday. Not that Monday is bad, you know, only that it is Monday - whether you go off to face the mongol hordes or wake up with them!

The Knit Shop in Eugene is a perfect LYS - I only wish I were mine! Still, I brought a little of it home.

We wound our yarn by hand. (Oh, the agony. This girl needs a swift.)

We ate delicious cake drizzled with ganache.

We left our plates out for seconds.

I started a Little Colonnade. I got far enough (no children=uninterrupted knitting time) that I might get to the lace portion today. The yarn is a beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn - it just had to come home with me.

Thanks, again, Katie, for a wonderful weekend! I'm wearing my tee shirt right now!

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katielizabeth said...

It is fun to have fun... but you have to know how!