Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simply Thursday

Today a single snowdrop - cool and green and delicate.

Am really enjoying my current knitting project - wish I could blog about it, but a certain sister isn't privy to details yet, so it will have to wait. However, it's the perfect pattern so far: simple but interesting, detailed but not complicated. Curious? I know, sorry about that. Soon!

Am finding a good mix to life these days. The kids were content to stay home yesterday, and despite a little evening madness, the day went well. Aidan's cold has come back some, but I'm always amazed at how little illnesses keep them down. Today there is a Valentine party at preschool so Owen proudly brought his teacher the purple sprinkles we tooled all over town to find, and a box of Scooby Doo Valentine cards (remember those???). I'm thinking about what to make the boys for the holiday and I'm seeing red and white and pink felt in our future...hmmm...chocolate for sure...maybe a small car or two? In the meantime we're enjoying movies on tv, lunch breaks, reading together and a stolen moment or two just for mama. That's really all it takes!

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katielizabeth said...

Pretty snowdrop! Maddie's V-day party was today as well. No way the sniffles that came back yesterday were keeping her away. She opted for Selena Gomez instead of the usual kittens and puppies on her little valentines. Hannah Montana is SOOO last year. I have a pile of Sweet Valley Twins books, some cracker jacks, and the cutest marshmallow-on-a-stick in the shape of a cupcake (of all things) stashed away in the closet for little girl prezzies. Don't you just love the generational comparisons? I do, I think it is FUN!