Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peach, Pink, Gray

I hope this week of color has been fun to watch unfold. It was a real challenge at times to come up with just the right shade and hue - today, for instance, was supposed to be a choose-your-own. I just couldn't stick to one. There are so many other colors out there. The pink/blue/peach churn dash quilt top is what I "cut my teeth on" when I first learned out to quilt. None of the corners match up and I pieced it without paying attention to color or pattern so it's a bit slap dash, but I like it nonetheless.

And I couldn't let Color Week go by without a bit of yarn! Happy Knits just opened on Hawthorne a few months ago, and I was so excited when I heard they were having a sale this weekend. I bought this stuff to make Aidan a cardigan sweater. I've been knitting like crazy and have a few projects to show off next week - hopefully this little sweater will be done soon, too. It's quite chilly around here and Aidan could certainly use another sweater in his arsenal. Owen is next on my list - poor kid has run out of mama-made handknits. Good thing he has a Nana-made vest and hat to tide him over!


katielizabeth said...

Love the tweedy yarn! I felt a bit of a challenge to take all of my pics without yarn. Silly, I know. I am glad you shared this one. I am excited that soon I will have a bit of space for my sewing machine, and I will be able to start collecting fabric for quilting! Because that is what I need. you know, more crafting supplies:)

Lynda said...

Great choices for the end of colour week.Trust you to think of ending with yarn.

Sayschnicklefritz said...

The Highlander (1) looks awesome, and (2) was one of my favorite TV Shows in the early 90s.

Seriously, it's been chilly here, so soft and substantial yarns have seemed really appealing to me recently. Have fun with those.