Friday, January 29, 2010

Mayhem and lunch

These were for lunch yesterday: mini-quiches! Fun to make - a pain to clean up - but fun to eat. They were filled with a three-cheese blend, diced zucchini and Canadian bacon, an egg and some whole milk. The crust is just the kind that comes in rolls from the store. These would be fun to let the kids make on their own sometime, as they could do it all but work the oven.

So, these children are trying to kill me. Aidan cried almost all night long and woke up with a miserable cold. Owen is pushing the boundaries to the extreme. To list just a few ways he's testing the waters: he got out of bed over and over (I eventually lost count) between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm, twice getting into bed with Aidan. He found a bottle of teething tablets and divided them between him and his brother (at least he's sharing...right?) - thank heavens there were only a couple in the bottle. Then he tried to do the same with the anti-gas medicine - luckily I caught him before he'd "shared" any. Everything I could find is locked in the linen closet now, but I'm just waiting to see what he gets into next. This morning he managed to get into a locked drawer to steal a piece of Valentine candy. This afternoon while I was changing Aidan Owen squeezed through the fence in the backyard and was found by our neighbor playing in the driveway.

I'm thinking of putting the police and fire department on notice.


katielizabeth said...

Ah! Poor you! You may have to lock him up! If you start now you could make it to my house by this evening.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Don't tempt me!

Oiyi said...

Oh geez! They are driving you crazy. I always jokingly say that Melody will be sleeping in her crib until she is 8. But sometimes I really wonder if I am joking.