Thursday, January 14, 2010


Corner of the stair well

Corner of the writing desk

Corner of my computer desk

East corner

Corner of the squashy blue chair

Corner of the old bookcase

Corner of the silkscreens

Rocks in the corner

Corners crammed with books

Dinosaur corner

Hope you liked the tour of the corners in our big upstairs room - it's a place where a lot of reading, playing and living happens. Where are your favorite corners?


Lynda said...

So much to look at.So neat and tidy and perfectly arranged. It's all beautiful.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said...

Yeah, when you take the photos you can crop out the crap! ;)

katielizabeth said...

Oh oh, I want to do my favorite corners! It will just have to wait until I get home though. The corners here at work are... well, workish. I will be sure to crop out the crap:) Don't worry, I won't steal your word. I sill find a synonym!

Oiyi said...

Thanks for sharing the corners of your home.