Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pancakes and cranberries

Thankfully, most of the holiday knitting madness is behind me. Enough so that I was able to make an impromptu pancake breakfast for us and Mimz (one of the kids' grandmas) this morning. Have Bisquick on hand and you'll never go hungry. If you like pancakes, that is. Wait a minute - who doesn't like pancakes??

Then Owen and I spent the early part of the afternoon stringing cranberries on yarn. I poked the darning needle through the cranberries and Owen threaded them down the yarn.

Maybe next year we'll do popcorn chains and more cranberry garlands, enough for the whole tree. It's so nice to sit on the floor and concentrate on nothing more than stringing berries while Christmas music plays quietly in the background. Makes us glad to be inside and warm and together.


Cloth Diapers said...

Those look great! I'll have to try that next year when it is less likely that they will be nibbled on.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cranberries! Good job :-)


Rima said...

This looks so beautiful! What bright, red cranberries.