Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fair weather

Our Christmas was cold, but not wet, as I had anticipated. We've had a lot of cold sunshine around here; low and golden on the trees that line Fanno Creek which runs just below our street.

Last night we took a before-bedtime walk to breathe in some icy air and catch a quick glimpse of neighborhood lights before they're taken down for the year. Aidan wore his new hat (courtesy my mother and her crochet skills) and Owen wore his new gloves (thanks to my mother-in-law's good sense).

It's nice and quiet around the house today. The kids are occupied with their toys and books and us grownups are happy to putter around, picking up stray wrapping paper here, taking a slightly longer than usual shower there. What can I say, but it seems well deserved?

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katielizabeth said...

Thanks for all of the Christmasy wintery updates! I can't say that I have been as good. Sounds like a lovely lazy time at your house.