Monday, December 7, 2009

Arctic Blast

The temperature reads 20 degrees, but the windchill is coming in strong at 11. Brrrr. We don't get a lot of winter sunsets in the Willamette Valley, but evenings like these are so cold and so dry that the sky to the east turns a soft lavender. The barest blush of reflected color.

We a had a whole list of Things To Do today, but it was too cold to go out. There was a little sewing, a few naps, some reading, a movie and no one was particularly happy about it - cabin fever! But tomorrow is preschool, so cold or no, we will venture out and be happy to come back inside for hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Mmmm, don't mind if I do...

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Dana said...

Bedivere and I walked yesterday morning at 6:30am and 25 degrees - this morning it's 19 and I've elected to vacuum instead - Bedi and I are both glad!!!