Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big Giveaway!!!

Well, fourteen posts later I give you The Big Giveaway! In honor of our 200th post I present this silly little crochet pincushion. I like it sooo much I'm loathe to send it away, but in the spirit of giving I'm willing to let someone else give it a good home. It's wool, lined with fabric and stuffed with fiberfill.

Please leave a comment for this entry by Wednesday, December 2, and I will announce the winner Thursday (we will randomly draw the winners from a hat to keep everything above board). And, no, Sarah, you can't enter - sorry! Good luck to everyone else; don't worry about shipping. If I need to I'll send it anywhere (even Down Under...ha ha ha)!


katielizabeth said...

Count me in!

Lynda said...

Into the mail
the prize should go
Addressed to me
cause I want it so.
Rain, hail, sun or thunder
Whatever the weather
It should come downunder :)

Definately put my name in the hat!

katielizabeth said...

Does Lynda get extra points because her comment is so creative? If so, I say no fair! All my brain cells are spent on football these days, with none left over for bursts of poetry! :)

Dana said...

A pincushion is
just what I need to sit on
my desk at home now -

A haiku should definitely give me an edge!!!

Rima said...

Count me in!!!