Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday quandry

A gloomy Friday morning here in our little white house - the sky is getting lighter, though, so maybe the sun isn't too far stifled. Owen is playing with a jar of beads on the floor; a rare treat as it is strictly forbidden when his brother is on the move. Aidan, though, is asleep in his crib and the house is quiet. I'm still trying to decide what we should get up to today. Library? Park? Nature Trail? All of the above? I've been wanting to check out a new nature trail not far from the house for awhile now; it would be good to check it out before the winter weather hits.

Yesterday was a big day. Owen's first preschool field trip was to a pumpkin patch way out in the country. There was a train ride, boat ride, hay maze, hay bale structure and pumpkin picking. I chaperoned and carried Aidan the whole time so, naturally, I was in bed last night by nine pm. All I can say is: hurray for the weekend! It was a busy week - hopefully there will be time for crafting this weekend. Cross fingers.

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katielizabeth said...

Oh yes, I am hoping for crafting too. So far all I have gotten done is a nap, and winding a skein of yarn. Goo thing the weekend is just beginning. I hope that you found something delightful to do today.