Monday, September 7, 2009

1920 revisited

Call it a Sarah Bernhardt moment, but I wanted to show off my haircut. If I had the figure of a twelve year old boy, I could be a flapper. Maybe I should get some beads anyway.

After the kind of week I had, a little Me Time was definitely in order. I love the freedom that comes with a new haircut. The same old clothes suddenly look new and exciting. A whole new outlook blossoms in the wake of a few snipped inches.


katielizabeth said...

SOooo cute, and chic, definitely chic! I love it. Great lines and it makes your eyes look all mysterious! Binding might be a problem, what with the nursing and all, but I definitely think you could pull off some pearls. Oh, with a little cloche hat pinned with that delicate granny square.

Oiyi said...

Such a cute haircut!