Saturday, August 22, 2009

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog

I made it back alive. Did you miss me? I missed me! We all know how rotten it is to be sick so I won't bore with details, but man.

JJ had his hernia surgery Thursday so he's hobbling about these days. See, I HAVE to be well so I can take care of all of us! All I can say is thank heaven for family. If it weren't for my MIL and my parents and sister I would have crawled under the bed and cried Uncle long ago. So, thanks guys! You're the best!

Before I came down with the plague, I managed to finish this manly scarf for a manly friend of mine. Glad to hear Ryan liked it, Sarah! You guys rock!

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katielizabeth said...

So glad that you are better! I have been missing you, and worrying. Not a good combination! I could picture you so miserable that you could not even make it to the computer. Now that is sick!

Love the manly scarf! I will have to check out the pattern for that one.