Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tastes of summer

We were smart this year: we didn't plant tomatoes. Now when someone comes to us with a slightly deranged look in their eye, begging us to take some off their hands, we can smile and accept them with open arms. There are no fewer than 17 tomato plants at Sarah's house right now. But aren't they gorgeous?

Too bad no one is pleading with us to take strawberries! These beauties came from the store and look like red jewels sitting in their carton. They will tied us over until Owen goes back to Nana's and picks the next crop from her plants beside the mailbox. Summer comes in tasty little packages come August.

Now it's evening and the day is winding down. It's nice to be able to relax and enjoy the slightly damp air and last little bits of sunshine. Someone said the rains are coming, and I sincerely hope so. We've had a splash or two over the last two days, but a good drenching would go a long way for the grass and flowers. If we could just alternate between sun and rain I would be a happy camper.

Here's hoping everyone is having a great weekend! Don't forget to stop and smell the ripe tomatoes.

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littlebirdbigcity said...

Take more! I made salsa last night and Sarah made tomato pesto and we barely made a dent in our crop. I'm going to start putting them out on the street with a free sign! (just kidding. I could never do that.)