Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a beautiful day

So today I'm feeling inadequate, pathetic, tired and alone. Not alone in a good sense, but as in without support. I'm having trouble seeing all the positive things in my life so I'm going to take a moment to count a few blessings:

Home - as in I have one! There are so many people losing or worried about losing their homes, and while the carpet maybe held down with duct tape in places and the paint is seriously coming off and the neighbors are inching over every few days to yank out a weed or two, it's home and it's still a safe place.

Family - they drive me crazy and make me dream of Greenland, but what would I do without them? Without these boys (big and small) I would truly be alone. Someday I will long for the days when they wouldn't let me out of their sight - that time will last a lot longer than this time will.

Health - a lot of family members have been in the hospital lately and I am thankful that I'm not one of them. Also thankful that those that have been are - or will be - doing fine.

Friends - many are scattered across the plains (Cottage Grove and Australia, anyone?) but I'm glad to have friends to commiserate and dream with and who I know will read this (admittedly pitiful) post and send me smiles across the ether.

Ok - I feel better. Still a little low, but I think I will get it together and take the kids to the library and the craft store. Keeping busy is always a good cure for the down-lows.


katielizabeth said...

A Jonah day! I hate those days when my levels are all low, and then I just feel so silly for not being more happy 'cause I know I have every reason to be. I wish that I could rush right over, right now! With hot chocolate and Goldschl├Ąger Do we need to plan a girl's day? Before the fall, I mean. Like next weekend? Do you need me to meet you at the beach next Friday?

Lynda said...

And your day turned out far better than you anticipated didn't it :) You never know when a surprise is just round the corner.